Maximilian C++ Audio and Music DSP Library

Open-Frameworks SuperCollider Host Embed supercollider servers in your C++ audio rendering loop.

SuperCollider Code

  • CTRNNs: Continuous-Time Recurrent Neural Networks. A language side class for simulating and evolving CTRNNs. [download]
  • Neural Net: A simulator for back-propagation networks.  There’s a companion program to this that runs the neural network training process externally to SC language at a much faster speed, the C++ source code and a pre-compiled OSX universal binary are included with the download. The code is generic and should compile fine on linux and Windows as well.  [download]

Fecho - an Echo State Network library for OSX

Fecho~ A Max/MSP external for sound synthesis with Echo State Networks

Marching Cubes Demo in OpenFrameworks with GPU rendering

My github page