Volks club algorave poster


Algorave on the stubnitz


Soundcheck on the Stubnitz


Luuma: Tessera E.P.

Out now on ChordPunch, and available from digital stores.

Luuma: Tessera E.P.

Algorave @ MS Stubnitz, London, April 18th

A floating party on the MS Stubnitz, currently parked in Canary Wharf.

from algorave.com:

Our first big London event brings together emerging artists from Mexico, Sydney and Newport Pagnell. Mico Rex fuse together punk acid with exuberant vocals fresh from the fandangos of Mexico City. Yee-King develops his drill n’ bass sound from his Rephlex classic “SuperUser”, combining live coding with live drumpad drilling. This list of innovators goes on; Andrew Sorensen massages his live algorithms into algorithmic trance, slub producing their trademark dirty, pure functional gabber techno, Sick Lincoln performing dynamical datapop with algoravethms to make your mind and body spin, Norah Lorway developing her lush ambience into pounding procedural glitch, Luuma manipulating multiple devices and interfaces to make industrial dystopian darkfloor, Hernani introducing acousmatic music into aleotoric percussion, and Section 9 live coding house which is both progressive and recursive.

Brighton Algorave @ The Volks, April 17th